"Kevin's work speaks for itself. He's a uniquely talented writer. What doesn't show are the qualities those around him see every day. He is one of the most energetic, positive people I've ever known. This is important because as most of us know, it's seldom easy to sell good work. It can be a struggle. So, to me who you have in the foxhole with you is extremely important. Kevin is a guy you want on your side. He always comes prepared, and he is a terrific collaborator. He's not afraid to challenge his colleagues to do their best, but it's always done in a positive way. In fact, he has that rare trait of being able to tell people the straight scoop without hurting their feelings. I think good writers draw on their own experience and personality to do their best work. It's what makes their work unique to them. Kevin is pretty fearless with a pen, ready to express his own personal take on things through his writing. But what I love most about Kevin's work is how much it reminds me of his personality. Smart, fun, a bit crazy yes, and engaging. What more can you ask of the guy who's in the foxhole with you? "

Vince Cook
Associate Creative Director, DMB&B St Louis, worked directly with Kevin at DMB&B St. Louis

"Kevin's a great writer - I worked with him at BC-F. Very creative, funny as hell, and mighty easy to work with. I miss him ."

Douglas Burdett
Account Supervisor, BC-F, worked with Kevin at BC-F

"In my opinion, Kevin is the best writer in advertising. Period. We've worked together numerous times throughout our careers. And each time, it's been the best working experience of my life. His creativity and business savvy are unmatched. The work he creates and produces is unique, powerful and extremely successful. And he's the best guy in the world to work with. I would highly recommend Kevin to any agency who is looking for a great Creative Director. "

Billy D'Ambrosio
Creative Director/VP, Glass McClure, managed Kevin at Glass McClure Advertising

"The first person I met at BCF-M was Kevin Miles. Maybe I should say he’s the first person I remember meeting. The moment I arrived, Kevin put me at ease and to work. He included me on his creative team and gave me endless opportunities to grow and shine. Kevin was open to my ideas but never placated me which is how I learned to trust my creative instincts and evolve as a writer. Kevin’s special sauce and real talent, aside from his creative work for brands like McDonalds, Coke, Lexus, Budweiser and Major League Baseball, is how he makes people feel. He never made a big deal about his brilliant concepts though he knew he had 'it.' He spent his energy bragging about other people's talent. I call it creative charisma. The way he made me feel about my abilities and how he inspired me. He had this effect on other writers, art directors and account people as well. You can’t train for this quality. You either have it or you don’t. "

Lisa Richmon
copywriter-intern, BCF-M, worked indirectly for Kevin at BC-F / Barker Campbell Farley

"Kevin Miles worked in my group for over five years when I was a Group CreativeDirector at Burrell Communications in Chicago. Although he worked under me, I have no doubt that he could have headed up a group of his own. He had the experience, guts and creative savvy to do so. However, he was a remote employee and it would have been difficult for him to manage a team from afar. To say that Kevin has a great creative mind is an understatement. Creativity is infused in his DNA. Not only that but he possesses leadership qualities and know-how that only comes from years of hard work and growth in the field. Now, on to my personal observations and experience with Mr. Miles. As a presenter, Kevin was one of, if not, the best on my team. Not only would clients be convinced that he thoroughly understood the strategic positioning of their product but they felt that he, himself, loved it! There was always an element of excitement to his presentations. And more often than not, the work was praised as stellar and insightful but more importantly,it was sold! As a writer, Kevin Miles could always be counted on to come through with the goods. I always knew he would "go deep" and come up with a winning idea, even in the clutch. He worked well under pressure but always with a sense of humor and an easy-going attitude. And he was always willing to listen and take my direction to help make his concepts even better. Once an idea was sold, I knew Kevin had the knowledge and expertise to bring the idea to life in a masterful way. I have no doubt that Kevin Miles would be a valuable asset to any company looking for a "star" Creative Director/Writer who is a team player."

Brenda Blonski
SVP, Group Creative Director, Burrell Communications, managed Kevin at Burrell Communications

"Kevin is an incredibly talented writer and every single account that I worked on with Kevin benefitted from his ability to "listen" to what the consumers really wanted and then turned those consumer insights into meaningful messages that achieved proven results. I saw it time and again. Truly one of the most talented writers I've ever worked alongside. He is worth his "creative weight" in gold."

John Taylor
Account Supervisor, Glass McClure, worked directly with Kevin at Glass McClure Advertising

“Kevin Miles is the first person I call when I have a project. When Kevin is on my team, it isn't work. It's being in the moment. The work is trying to select from the pool of great ideas. There is no limitation to his talent, passion and commitment. Kevin's contribution does more than excite the team and the client, he helps grow the business. Kevin is a great talent with no ego or personal agenda. Kevin is a real pro and someone you can always count on.”

Ben Marshall
Group Creative Director - Art Director, UniWorld Group, Inc., worked directly with Kevin at kevinandcarl.com

"I highly recommend Kevin Miles - as a talented, strategic creative and as a human being. Kevin and I partnered on many clients - he as the Associate Creative Director/Copywriter and I as the Account Supervisor. In every instance, Kevin was a true partner in developing the strategy and showed a passionate interest in the client and their industry. In addition to simply loving advertising and possessing the unique skills it takes to develop messages that interrupt, engage and move, he is also a kind, honest and ethical person. If you are looking for an individual who puts passion and strategic thinking into every single project, Kevin Miles is the man for you."

Kimberlie Hiltachk
Account Supervisor, Glass McClure, worked directly with Kevin at Glass McClure Advertising

"Kevin is a truly gifted and passionate Creative Director. He has a unique ability to take a particular consumer insight and bring it to life in fresh and exciting ways. He is truly appreciated by the client and his agency team for his persistence as well as his flexibility. To him, the work is the most important thing. His work is also responsible for the great success of Reese's Puffs with a truly innovative platform. I'm looking forward to the next time we'll have the opportunity to work together."

Royal Allen
Account Director, Burrell Communications, worked directly with Kevin at Burrell Communications

"Kevin is that very rare talent. With a diverse background of experience in industries & demographic markets. He grocks the product and the user's relationship with it faster than anyone I've ever known and then quickly comes up with a symbiotic approach to whatever medium he's working in. Interactive, broadcast or print. Hire Kevin today and you'll have your problem solved tomorrow."

John O'Malley
Design Director, DiversityInc, worked directly with Kevin at UniWorld Group, Inc.

"I had the pleasure of working on an ad campaign with Kevin several years ago. The unique aspect of this relationship was that it was cyber when this type of work was in its infancy. He is a precise communicator, exemplary writer and meticulously understands all the initiatives relating to advertising and communications. I would gladly work with him again and recommend him highly as an expert in his profession."

Alston Green
Senior Creative Product Designer, Hallmark Cards Inc, was with another company when working with Kevin at kevinandrewmiles.com

"I originally worked with Kevin at Russell Simmons' company and then on Ford at UniWorld; and most recently we teamed at my consultancy BKLTD on some edgy radio ideas. Each time, Kevin impressed me as the kind of writer that everyone in advertising and entertainment should aspire to be: Talented, ethical and damn professional. Mr. Miles is an employer's wet dream."

Benier Koranache,
Principal, BKLTD, was with another company when working with Kevin at UniWorld Group, Inc.

"Kevin is the most generous, positive and hard working creative force in the business that I know. Not only that but he does great work."

Alex Ayuli
Copywriter, Glass McClure, worked indirectly for Kevin at Glass McClure Advertising

"Kevin is one of the most talented writers and CD's east of the Mississippi, until he flies west, then he messes up the rankings west of the Mississippi. Besides, he is a decent human being, which is better than any advertising trait."

Terry Taylor
Creative Director, Writer, Art Director, DMB&B, worked directly with Kevin at DMB&B St. Louis

"Where do I start? A Mensa IQ with the creative energy of a 10-year-old on his fourth Mountain Dew. Seriously, Kevin’s energy and passion for this business is so refreshing, he treats every assignment like this is the one that will make the Advertising Gods show up at the front door with a wheel barrow full of money and keys to a red Lamborghini. Ask anyone in it and they will surely tell you that advertising can be a really stressful line of work but working with Kevin makes it feel like recess. We have been working together for more years than I can believe (longer than most marriages these days, I assure you!) and I can honestly say that I’m always looking forward to the next project that we get to attack together. One of my favorite things about Kevin is that he NEVER settles. I can’t even begin to count the times I’ve seen him make changes to headlines and scripts at the 11th hour. Always asking himself “is that the best way to say it?” or “could the ending be funnier?” Hire Kevin Miles for your company then tell everyone that all the great ideas you see were actually yours and he just cleaned them up for you. He won’t mind, just as long as you pay him on time. "

Carl Koestner
Associate Creative Director, Burrell Communications, worked directly with Kevin at kevinandcarl.com

"Kevin's ideas and concepts usually only come in one size. Big. How big? How does helping us win 17 “Louie’s” (the name for our local ADDY show) including 10 gold awards and 7 silver awards not to mention "Best In Show" sound? However, my best example would be the part he played when he helped to rebrand my company and double our revenue in a very short time thereafter. As a small company, we wanted to protect our nimble, yet powerful culture. Kevin helped position us and describe our nature in 5 words or less. "Never underestimate a dark horse". We've hung our hat on those words ever since. So, if you are on the fence, jump in and hire this man."

Mike Minogue
Owner/CEO, Darkhorse Creative, hired Kevin for creative services and hired Kevin more than once